Inclusion criteria: Patients discharged (deceased or alive) from any hospital center with a confirmed diagnosis or a COVID-19 high suspicion.

The disease caused by the new respiratory virus (coronavirus) designated as SARS-CoV-2 was classified as a pandemic by the WHO in 2020.

With an increasing number of confirmed cases in most countries worldwide, it is responsible for a significant morbidity and millions of deaths all over the world.

The last year, a non-profit initiative, known as HOPE PROJECT gathered detailed info on more than 8,100 hospitalized COVID19 patients in 9 countries (America, Asia and Europe).

With this researcher-initiated registry, several publications and relevant data on the acute phase of this dreadful condition aroused.

However, limited follow-up information is available and the existing evidence point out frequent lasting effects after the acute phase of COVID-19. This persistent condition has been baptized by several authors with different terms such Post-acute COVID-19, Persistent COVID-19, Post COVID- syndrome, Long haulers, Long COVID-19…

Since COVID-19 have involved and unprecedented numbers of people is possible the sequelae would be important form the socioeconomic and scientific point of view.

Thus, all help will be welcome.

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